CBMSA Fall Soccer Program Start Monday September 11

Just a reminder that CBMSA Fall program starts this Monday September 11 @ Wellington Soccer Field.  Our fall program will run for 10 weeks, we will start outdoors at Wellington Soccer Field until October 15 which we will then move indoors to the Corner Brook Civic Center Studio.  The cost is $80 per player for the 8 weeks program, links for fall schedule are below and also registration information.  Please also remember to check the age group list as some players would move to new age groups starting for the fall program.  Registration will take place for the first two weeks during our fall program hours.

Age Group Per Year of Birth:

U4 = 2014-2015

U6 = 2012-2013

U8 = 2010-2011

U10 = 2008-2009

U12 = 2006-2007

U13 = 2005

U14 = 2004

U15 = 2003

U16 = 2002

U17 = 2001

Fall Schedule – http://cbmsa.ca/?wpfb_dl=185

Registration Information – http://cbmsa.ca/?page_id=2132