New Curriculum for CBMSA!

Corner Brook Minor Soccer Association (CBMSA) has some exciting news regarding our programming starting this year! A new structured training curriculum has been developed to improve our summer program.

What is a training curriculum? It means that each age group will have a defined set of training exercises for each session throughout the summer. Each session’s training will be age-dependent and follow recommendations of Canada Soccer’s Long Term Player Development program (LTDP). Follow the link below for more info on Canada Soccer LTDP.

What does this mean for our players? Every session for the entire program is mapped out. Each time you go to the field, coaches will be following the curriculum as set out for that day, for that age. This not only allows us to become more organized and effective, it also ensures that each player is getting the training they need according to their age and level of development.

How will CBMSA roll out this curriculum? Our commitment is to ensure that this curriculum is followed. This will be achieved by

  1. Promotion of a structured technical leadership on/off the field.
  • The highest level are our Coaching and Technical Directors
  • The next level is our House League Coordinator
  • Every age group requires an age group coordinator (incentive program coming soon!)
  • Every team within an age group requires a parent volunteer and a student coach
  1. Age group coordinators, parent volunteers, and student coaches will receive an overview of, and training in, relevant training curriculums.
  2. Buy in! We cannot do this on our own. In order for our association to be successful there has to be contribution from the many to reduce work of the few. Be a part of our success! Contact any member of our executive to learn how.
  3. We expect, and will be looking for, feedback on this curriculum. This will occur throughout the program and at seasons end. A successful program is one that adapts to suit the needs of the players.

We look forward to this improvement to our program and can’t wait to see you on the pitches this summer!