Strategic Plan 2021 - 2026


What is a Strategic Plan?

A Strategic Plan sets high level goals and targets for the Club, to be achieved within a certain time frame.  Through it, everyone involved with Corner Book Soccer Club knows what the Club is trying to achieve, and by when! The Plan acts like a glue that binds people together behind common causes. It also helps the Board of Directors to properly manage the ongoing growth and development of the Club, linking its Vision and Mission to day-to-day activities.





A utopian state of time we are aiming to achieve.


That all players are given the opportunity to reach their full potential.



What our organization does, helps us get there.


To help Corner Brook United Soccer Club's Players to become their best.



What we believe in and how we act as an organization.


Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Enthusiasm, Integrity - Create Positive Habits



What we want to achieve to execute our mission.


CBUSC Strategic Plan                    2021 - 2026



What we have to do and how we do it to execute strategy.


Active Start - Soccer for Life,

Why a new Strategic Plan?

The Board of Directors of Corner Brook United Soccer Club have recognized that the club has undergone much growth in recent years and supports many programs and soccer activities. They see now as the time to take a forward thinking, longer-term approach to the Club’s activities. This way, they can carefully manage continued growth of the Club in the direction all stakeholders want. They also know that the Club will be more effectively managed through good planning!


The catchment area for the CBUSC has a population just under 23 000 people with many seniors.  It was, therefore, necessary to start thinking outside the box and this thinking is reflected in this Five Year Strategic Plan. Within a radius of 100 km. there are three small soccer Clubs with numbers ranging from 150 to 200.  Then within another radius of 350 kms we have another three clubs with numbers ranging from 150 to 300.  Our Strategic Plan includes development in all these surrounding clubs.  The population base is getting smaller and smaller in the rural areas of Newfoundland and Labrador and it is important that they consolidate their resources to grow the game. The region cannot count on immigrants as they tend to move into the larger city areas like Toronto. Hence, a new Strategic Plan must be constructed which takes all these factors into account.

How Did CBUSC Build Its New Strategic Plan?

It partly became a case of survival of the game in our area and because of the number of people who had a passion for the game, they came together despite their differences to grow the game. So, a plan was put into place with Player Development at its Center.  A Coaching Pathway was etched out which challenges each of the smaller Clubs to grow its coaching numbers and the training for its coaches.  Subsequently, each part of the puzzle was put together so that each Club is now on a mission to grow the game within its own small Club but now there is support from all the clubs to help each other develop in all areas of the game.  This Strategic Plan is basically for the Corner Brook United Soccer Club, but it has eyes to also help its neighbours.

Dear Soccer friends,

 I am delighted to unveil Corner Brook United Soccer Club’s new five-year strategic plan to you! Carefully built with the assistance of the soccer community and through extensive research and numerous meetings our valued stakeholders, this plan outlines what we’ll be aiming to achieve as a club between now and 2026. Corner Brook United Soccer Club is built on a firm foundation where the interests of our players’ development is always foremost! Our new plan stems from this, bringing together a variety of exciting goals and targets that make our club stronger, and ultimately our players better.


Our strategic goals cover all core areas of our club’s activities - players, coaches, referees, facilities, finance, community including inclusion and club operations. Within these areas, you’ll see ambition that advances the development all CBUSC players, from grassroot/recreational players to our potential World Cup teams with Bev Priestman or John Herdman. We’ve set high coach development standards and have high goals that will take our referees program to new heights. And we’re moving to establish a proper ‘home’ for our club that will combine administrative office space with new, first class indoor training facilities. Finally, we’ll extend CBUSC’s value into the Corner Brook community, building partnerships and giving back to the community that has given so much to bring our club to where it is today.


Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with our new strategic plan! It is important to us that you know

what we are trying to achieve as a club and are excited about it too! To achieve the goals laid out in it, we’ll need

you alongside us every step of the way!


I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the many individuals who assisted our Executive in contributing to the

strategic plan’s development. Without it, the plan would be of little value. With your help, the plan will guide Corner Brook Soccer Club to new heights of success and excellence.


I look forward to working with you and everyone else connected to the Club in implementing it over the coming years through 2026!

 Yours sincerely,


President, Corner Brook Soccer Club

Strategic Goal 1:   PLAYER DEVELOPMENT

Corner Brook Soccer Club is key to the Soccer Community in the Western & Central Regions in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Our soccer club’s primary goal is to educate and develop youth players and therefore create potential candidates for provincial, senior and university teams. In addition to teaching soccer, we also want to educate players in social behavior for them to become positive contributors to society and future promoters of their club and the sport.





To develop a clear Technical Development plan which maps the stages of development for all levels and all players in the CBUSC.

The Technical Play will be phased in over the Five Years. The plan will start with the U6s and end with soccer for life.

Our Technical Development plan will be fully developed and implemented. 

Our CBUSC must set high goals if we want to improve as a Club. Part of these goals must be centered on Player Development. Our Technical Development Plan will openly show the player development pathway through which the players in our CBUSC and our High Performance Centers will be developed.


Our goals will be player centered which means our goals are about player success and just not about Club trophies.  The Club has set goals for the development of its players from the Grassroots to its top players.  A diagram of this development is below this chart.


In this player development model, the CBUSC is targeting structured player evaluations as a key component of their development. The Club has also decided to extend its reach of its full program, including the High Performance to give as many young players as possible the best opportunity to access player development at the highest level.

To ensure that all players have a fun experience starting at the U6 level and providing development for each group at the Grassroots level.

Festivals of 2 v 2 up to 9 v 9. This plan will fit in with the smaller communities and will provide for all levels of players.

The organization of these events will be at a higher and higher level with higher standards. This will be all good for player development.


To develop ALL players to their fullest potential using there will be a focus on our top players with a focus on providing higher playing opportunities.


Our Club currently has 5 players playing with various Provincial teams. No players are playing with any universities, and we have 3 playing at the Challenge Cup Senior Soccer Level.  We want to grow this number.

At least 12 players playing with our Provincial teams and 8 players playing at the university level and teams playing in the Provincial Youth Soccer leagues in each division including the Challenge and Jubilee Cups.


To develop a documented and structured player evaluation system



High Performance players will receive an annual documented evaluation.


All players will receive an annual documented evaluation.

To expand the reach of our Club to include players from within our Western Region and the Central Region which will take part in our High Performance program?


High Performance Centers will operate in all our out-reach catchment area from Deer Lake in the east to Stephenville in the West

To operate our High Performance Centers from Gander in the east to Port Aux Basques in the West.

To continue to provide a leadership role in the Region and Province.

To have 60% compliance with CSA License standards.

To have 100% compliance with CSA License Standards.




 Strategic Goal 2:    COACH DEVELOPMENT

The best soccer countries and the best clubs also have the best development program for its coaches. This is our goal: to enrich our players with the best coaches that we can.






To promote the structured Coaching Pathway that has been developed by the CSA. Our Club will promote this Pathway and put into place these standards that our coaches must meet to coach our players.

A Coach Development plan has been largely written (80%) but it will take longer for our coaches to reach these standards including the Children’s, Youth and B Licenses and all the Community Courses that have been developed.

The Coach Development plan is fully implemented.

The Coach Development plan is fully implemented. This means the following:

Active Start coaches..........24

Fundamental coaches.........24

Learn to Train coaches.......12

Soccer for Life coaches......12

C License coaches.............12

Children’s License................4

Youth License.......................4

B License.............................2

The Corner Brook United Soccer Club wants to provide a clear and transparent Pathway to coach development. (see pyramid below for Coach Development Pathway).


Our development plans align with the Canadian Soccer Pathway and we feel this Pathway is excellent.  This plan includes elements that we feel are essential for excellent coach development.


A great deal of time, effort and money will be put into this Coach Development Strategic Plan. However, Coach development is the core means through which quality programs are offered to our Players.  The Club sees coach development as the natural extension of quality player development.

To promote and encourage more female coaches in our Club. In addition, aggressive action will be taken to institute a Mentorship program for both male and female coaches.

A Female Developmental Coaching program will be started with recruitment at all levels of the game. We are now at a 20% level with this goal with 4 C License Female coaches.

A fully implemented Mentorship program throughout the Club for both male and female coaches.

To follow Iceland’s model where with a total population of 330 000 people, yet they have 850 UEFA coaches. This ratio of highly trained coaches to players is extremely high. They have a higher ratio of top level coaches per capita than any other nation. They have approximately 100 players playing abroad.




In NL right now we have no Children’s or Youth License coaches. We do have 7 or 8 National B coaches.  Our Strategic Plan is to have the Youth License Coaches for all Tier 1 teams as a minimum standard and our Challenge and Jubilee teams with National B License. At the end of 2021, we will be 20% completed.

The Club will support in every way our coaches to reach the highest coaching levels. We want to reach the goal of having 3 Children’s License coaches and 8 Youth License Coaches.  At the senior level, we want to have 2 B National coaches with one being female. 

The CBUSC must constantly drive this coaching plan across the base and throughout the satellite centers.



All Coaches must be:

·         Trained in how to evaluate players.

·         All coaches must follow the LTPD coaching guidelines.

All High Performance Coaches to have either the Children’s or Youth Coaching License.

Additionally, all coaches will be comfortable in the evaluation process.







Our Referee Program is now recognized as a center of excellence for referee development in the soccer community in Newfoundland & Labrador.

Strategic Plan




Develop a Referee Development Plan for the pathway of development of CBUSC referees.




The Referee Development Plan is 60% implemented.


The Referee Development Plan is fully implemented and is being constantly monitored and reviewed.

Our Club is aware that referee development must go hand in hand with player and coach development. Our plan will outline the pathway that a referee must take from the entry level referee up to the advanced level.


Our Strategic Plan targets referee growth to ensure its programs keep pace with the development of its players and coaches. It is important that gender equality be achieved in referee development and this is an important goal.


One of our main focuses is to build our referee program so that a referee can be the best that he/she can be through the mentoring program and through in-house and provincial referee-to referee support and through referee assessments/evaluations.


Our Club wants to create a safe, respectful environment for its referees to flourish.





Our Region has its own Referee Instructor and Referee Assessor which is part of our Referee Development Plan. As part of our plan, we want to develop an in-house Club referee support program.

Regular referee knowledge sharing meeting through platforms such as Zoom are held each year.  Because of these platforms, all of our referees can now take part in these knowledge sharing meetings without expensive travel and consumption of valuable time.

Our Referee Development Plan is linked with the Provincial Association’s development opportunities. On-line courses have been a major step forward and our plan is in lockstep with this important move.


All officials will receive annual assessments.

Expand the referee Mentorship program.



This new initiative will make a major impact on our new and young referees. It will be 20% implemented.

All referees, both grassroots and higher class referees, to receive mentor relationships - 90%.

Increase the number of female referees.



Only 20% of our officials are female. We want to raise this to 30% in the first year and make sure the Mentorship program is used by our female referees.

Our goal is to have 50% of our officials being female for our small-sided and competitive soccer leagues.

To develop and promote our high performance officials to higher opportunities.



To promote 4 local officials to Provincial Level and to have one official progress to the National Level.

At least 8 officials have progressed to the provincial level and at least 2 officials have progressed to the National level.

To increase the levels of respectfulness for our officials with the soccer community.


To provide Spectator Guidelines that outlines zero tolerance for referee abuse.

To provide Spectator Guidelines that outlines zero tolerance for referee abuse.



Corner Brook Soccer Club uses the best community facilities that support our sport for six months of the year.

Strategic Plan




Develop an indoor training facility in the City of Corner Brook





A plan for this new facility will be started. Other sports will be recruited for this venture.

Similar facilities financially break even because of the high demand for such a facility. Community access will also be available.

Corner Brook United Soccer Club has identified specific facility needs to help with its program growth.


These include the following:

·         An indoor turf field with a dome.

·         An enhanced Administration office from which to drive all future growth and all operations will be consolidated from this building.

Administrative Office will be established.



A plan will be developed to upgrade our present Administrative office.

The Club’s administration will operate totally from these offices.

The Club will continue to enhance the current facilities to accommodate the continued growth of our soccer programs.


Develop a plan for enhanced Change Room facilities at our main soccer grounds which already has 2000 person capacity for fans.


To plan for Change Room facilities at a third soccer field.



Corner Brook Soccer Club will have to work hard to maintain its financial capacity and grow the game. But through partnerships and a vibrant community this goal will be reached. Yes We Can!






CBUSC must commit to a capital growth to support it needed facilities to fulfill its development plans in all areas of the game.

Approximately one million dollars will be needed in the Capital Improvement Fund. This will come through all avenues including partnerships with other sporting groups and government.

Complete the two capital projects which are intertwined and replenish our Club’s Capital Fund.

The financial goals outlined have been set to help manage the risk associated with the planned growth for the Club outlined in this strategic plan.

Through this good financial oversight, built into the strategic plan, CBUSC can grow the Club and offer more value to its users without throwing out the baby with the bath water!

Maintain a strong balance sheet

Increase our non-fee revenue up to 20% of our total annual revenue.

Increase our non-fee revenue up to 25% of our total annual revenue.

Enhance the quality of financial information.

To prepare a five year budget forecast.

Maintain the annual capital budget.



We want to be more than a soccer club!






Drive financial accessibility into the Club’s programs so that no child is left behind.



Contributions to programs combating financial barriers to soccer participation has grown by 18%

Contributions to programs fighting financial barriers to soccer participation have grown by 25%.

Corner Brook United Soccer Club believes that it has a broader role in the Corner Brook Community, beyond the soccer programming. The Club is keen to target  what it can bring to the community it serves and contribute to the overall quality of life of all residents, whether they are involved in soccer or not.


Specifically, the Club is targeting programs and fundraising activities that target child health causes, financial barriers to sport participation, youth leadership and Special Olympics. Furthermore, the Club want to provide extra value and benefits to the community through its corporate sponsors.

To solidify Corner Brook based fundraising for select child health related causes.


Investment by our club and its partners for targeted child health related causes has grown to 20%.

Funds raised by CBUSC for targeted child health related causes have grown by 25%

Promote the leadership value of soccer participation through the CBUSC programs.


 A CBUSC Scholarship Program has been established.  This will grow each year. The total value this year is $500.00.

Annual bursaries to the Scholarship Program have expanded to $2000.00

Continue to provide soccer opportunities for special needs groups in Corner Brook.


CBUSC’s partnership with Special Olympics has been established and will grow and be maintained.

CBUSC’s partnership with Special Olympics has been maintained and is an extremely healthy relationship.

Develop stronger bonds between the CBUSC’s sponsors and the City of Corner Brook.

CBUSC’s sponsor satisfaction levels are extremely high. (83%)

Grow CBUSC’s sponsor satisfaction levels to at least 90%.










Volunteers and coaches play a vital role in our club and without the time, energy, and commitment of these people, out teams and club, would not be able to run.





Our target is to recruit and retain dynamic, skills based volunteers to assist with our programs and operational needs.


Attract skills based volunteers to assist with various divisions in the club.

As volunteers are the life blood of the Club, this is a continuous process.

The Corner Brook United Soccer Club is a non-profit organization and volunteers are a vital part of our organization’s operations.  Volunteers are needed to help our Club with administrative tasks, registrations, equipment distribution, special events and other duties.


We recognize the huge commitment and contributions that our volunteers make, and we know that we could not offer our programs without them.

Review all volunteer positions with the Club.






a) Ensure that all volunteer job descriptions are clear and outline duties and expectations.

b) ensure that all volunteers receive training and development in all their assigned roles.

This process is an on going one as volunteer jobs are always evolving.

To give feed back to our volunteers at the end of the year.



a) Create a ‘volunteer experience” survey to solicit constructive feedback.

b) Action areas of concern derived from the survey.

c) Ensure that all volunteers receive positive reinforcement and feedback.

d) Retain good, loyal and hardworking volunteers annually.

This is an annual process that will help the Club to continually reinvent itself.

Develop recruiting strategies.




Advertise volunteer opportunities through club website and e-flyers and social media.

The process will continue every year and with increased creativity in the process.

Reward volunteers with their own night!


Continue to host CBUSC Volunteer Appreciation Night.

Continue to host CBUSC Volunteer Appreciation Night.







Corner Brook Soccer Club is a soccer community where people genuinely care about each other. It is a safe place for all people to engage regardless of gender identity, race, creed, age, ability, cultural background, or sexual orientation. All are considered part of the Club and encouraged to develop their whole being through our Club.


‘My disability is that I cannot use my legs, my handicap is your negative perception of that disability, and thus of me.’



Why does inclusion matter? 

·         16%-18% of the population in Corner Brook have a disability, a quarter of these are classified as severe.

·         The numbers rise to 33% among seniors. 1 in 2 individuals will suffer from a mental health illness at some point in their lives.

·         1 in 68 children have Autism, a 100% rise in the last 10 years.

·         53% of youths with a disability encounter barrier to taking part in leisure activities.

·         94% of people with disabilities feel that they do not have meaningful community participation.

·         Only 3% of adults with disabilities are engaged in organized sports.

·         Only 3% of adults with disabilities take part in moderate physical activity.



·         Sport can open a new world for people with disabilities, they become stronger, healthier, more confident, more self sufficient, with a greater sense of belonging.

·         Rehabilitation is enhanced, leading to greater independence. Less depression, less anxiety, increased


·         Inclusive sport changes community perceptions of people with disabilities, focusing attention on their achievements and abilities.

·         The benefits are huge for families: if a soccer club is inclusive families feel more welcome and supported, reversing isolation and the cascading effective of negative attitudes.




2021 -  2026


Our Road Map to Inclusion:



·         Historically attitudes towards disability have been negative. Question this! Be welcoming and willing. Change habits, routines, and assumptions.


·         We will ask wheelchair users to audit your facility.

·         Check signage and

·         communications.

·         A culture of respect is part of access.


·         Make your intentions clear.

·         Use different formats (large fonts, Braille, etc.)

·         Language matters!


·         We will ask how people how they would like to participate.

·         We will consult with community groups when unsure.

·         Identify gaps in provision.


·         Are out policies inclusive?

·         What can you do to change this?


·         Adapt and modify activities.

·         Seek out training and resources.

·         Showcase good practice.

·         Try something new!




It must be athlete and sport first. For example, the mindset should be that this person is a sprinter who happens to be an amputee. This basketball player happens to play in a chair. The key is getting past the disability. The passion for sport should be the common ground. Sport is the communication mechanism.


Parents of able-bodied children may sometimes balk at the inclusion of persons with a disability in their children’s sport program. The feeling may be that the person with a disability can slow down the progress of the able-bodied group. However, there are enough integration success stories to ease any parental worries. And the bottom line is that everyone has the right to participate in sport programs.


It’s important that the other participants and their parents know that things are not going to change because you have person with a disability in the program. It won’t change the quality of the program, the coach won’t lower the standards, and the coach won’t give all the attention to the person with a disability.







·         Sport can open a new world for people with disabilities, they become stronger, healthier, more confident, more self sufficient, with a greater sense of belonging.

·         Rehabilitation is enhanced, leading to greater independence. Less depression, less anxiety, increased confidence.

·         Inclusive sport changes community perceptions of people with disabilities, focusing attention on their achievements, and abilities.

·         The benefits are huge for families: if a Soccer club is inclusive families feel more welcome and supported, reversing isolation and the effects of negative attitudes.


We’ve Arrived at the Impossible!




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