Summer 2018 – Age Group Coordinators

U4/U6 –Sara Young (East Side Field)

U4/U6 – Hayley Evoy (Curling Field)

U4/U6 – Melissa Halford (Atlantic Field)

U8 – Stephen Leonard/Joe Bowden

U10 Girls – Brooke Wiseman

U10 Boys – Sonya Salyzyn

U12 Girls – Ashley Bridger

U12 Boys – Tracey Drover

U13/U14/U15 Boys – Doug Piercey

U13/U14/U15 Girls – Josephine Titterington/Trevor Wall

U16/U17 Boys – Vacant

U16/U17 Girls – Renee Sherstobetoff

Age group coordinators will help to email information to parents with players in that age group, a list will be given at the beginning of summer session with all the email contacts.  They will email about tournaments, registrations, Volunteers and Camps.  Age group coordinators will be a main contact between these groups and the CBMSA Executive.  Coordinators are not required to be a the field during all sessions.  Teams that will play in Mega, Jamboree or other tournaments we will be giving these list to our Office Administrator so that she can collect the fees for each player.

CBMSA Technical Director will be the person to make the call on any sessions that maybe cancelled due to weather or any other issues.